The Segrave Room

With the launch of The Segrave Room at Holbeck Ghyll, fine dining will never be the same. This fabulous new private dining suite is perfect for celebratory gatherings, milestone anniversaries, extra special birthday dinners or simple, intimate gatherings. You get your own chef and butler staff allowing you to choose your menu for your special celebration.

The venue is licensed for entertainment and music and has stunning views through floor-to-ceiling windorws of Windermere; which is why we decided to name it after one of the lake's most celebrated heroes, Sir Henry Segrave, who died after setting the water speed record on the lake in the summer of 1930.

A four times Grand Prix winning racing driver and the first man to do 200mph in a car, Segrave began racing boats in 1927 and on June 13, 1930, piloted Miss England II in an attempt on the water speed record. He reached 98.76 mph, beating the previous best by 6mph, before disaster struck on a follow-up run and his boat capsized. He was rushed to Belle Grange, a house on the lakeshore at High Wray, where he died shortly afterwards.

The Segrave Room can cater for up to 30 guests and is available to hire all year round, from £45 per person for a three course menu with coffee and petit fours.