Spa Treatment Brands

The Spa at Holbeck Ghyll is nestled within the fells, set high above Lake Windermere, a haven of peace and tranquility.  It is indeed important that the brands we offer our guests compliment such beauty and natural elements.

ESPA has painstakingly captured the best nature and science has to offer and by doing so has produced a luxurious range, the therapeutic quality of which is second to none.  By combining active natural ingredients with the latest scientific advances, the ESPA range is tailor-made to suite the unque requirements of you - The Client! 

The creation of ESPA was for a purpose.  First came the need, then the concept, and finaly the reality.  During a lifetime within the spa world Susan Harmsworth, the founder and creator of ESPA identified that modern lifestyls were increasingly demanding more than traditional skincare.  Indeed, she believes that as our world increases in speed there is a powerful and deep need to stop, consider, and redidiscover our natural balance.  This belief led to ESPA. Susan Harmsworth was honoured with her contribution to the spa world with an OBE in 2011.

To Compliment ESPA we offer the Jane Iredale Make up range which is 100% natural minerals with a natural SPF. Jane Iredale is the president and found of Iredale Mineral cosmetics, she was the first to supply the aesthetic industry with a full line of makeup based on minerals and was the first to see the potential of offering physicians a makeup that was good for the skin.  Jane Iredale introduced her unique skin care makeup line in may of 1994.  It was the first full makeup line on the market to offer not just colour enhancement, but also benefits for the skin.  The products are based on micronized mineral and are made without talc and without chemical dyes or synthetic preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde.  The Jane Iredale line has been the recipient of the highest awards and accolades in the industry, hence are carried by destination spas, salons and medical clinic throughout the world.

The award winnning Jessica Spa manicure and pedicure range is offered for that perfect finish to your hands and feet. Developed by a manicurist, for manicurits, Jessica Vartoughian saw the need to formulate her own products and systems for creating what have come to be regarded as the most beautiful nails in the world. Jessica's award winning polishes deliver a lasting finish line no other.  With over 200 stunning colours of which we offer many, these treatment based formulas glide onto the nail for for a flawless result that lasts up to two weeks.

You can also experience a wide range of authentic complementary therapist to balance your mind, body and soul from LaStone, the original hot and cold stone massage, to Reiki, Reflexology, Hopi ear, Indian head massage and Crystal healing.

LaStone is the Original Hot and cold stone massage treatment, created by Mary Nelson from Tucson, Arizona in 1993.  Mary was suffering from a rotator cuff injury and which hampered her ablity to give deep tissue massage.  Whilst in a sauna of a therapy centre she then worked in, she was guided to pick up a warm stone and soon realisted its potential.  Mary first called working with stones - "Hot stone massage" a term used by a number of brands even today.  After a while the cooled marble joined the warm basalt  and LaStone was born so much more than just a massage with hot stones. LaStone capitalises on traditional practices with a current approach.  Its trademark is combining hot and cold stones within a treatment.  LaStone treatments produce both sedative and energiszing responses to the body.  LaStone goes beyon the physical experience of typical massage and enters deper dimensions of relaxaton, health and well being, creating a postitive approach to "body, mind" spirt philosophy.  LaStone admnisters this principle with unerring elegance, knowledge and respect for the clients safety.

Lastone treatments have advanced over the years of which we are proud to offer the fundamental principles of the geo-thermal benifits of the hot and cold, spinnal layout and chakra placement stones within a variety of treatments including:-

The original full body, the deluxe LaStone which incorporates an ESPA mini facail, LaStone Deep, where more cold marble are used to release deep seated muscel tension by applying the marble to the belly of the muscle, we dont massage with marble.  More specalised LaStone treatments include the Volcanic Clay cocoon a deeply detoxifying and re-mineralising treatment within a body scrub, wrap and massage to LaStone crystal energy where the energetic body is worked on specifically to balance and cleanse the bodys' aura and basic chakra, with crystals according to the clients needs, through the guidance of the therpists crystal pendulum.

New to the LaStone offering, Autum 2012 sees the launch of the LaStone thermal auricular therapy treatment, this takes the HOPI ear candling treatment to a new level, as the client is cocconed within the grounding warmed basalt stones, the client is treated to a relaxing facail massage before the thericular candles are gently put in the ear cannal to release blocked energy, fluid and old wax. A truly relaxing yet functional treatment said to help ease the symptoms of Tinitus, sinusitis and other ear nose and throat issues.

The Spa at Holbeck Ghyll offers a wide range of face, body, hand and feet and complementary therapies for you to enjoy I hope you find a treatment that suits your needs.  Our very experienced therapists are happy to offer a complimentary consultation if you have an concerns on what treatment is best suited to your personal needs. 

Please remember that some life alterating medication and conditions will mean you are unable to enjoy some of our treatments.  If you are a mum to be, massage is also contra-indicated during the first tri-mester.