New Winter Treatments

ESPA launch their new facial offering at Holbeck Ghyll

“ESPA cellular renewal enzyme facial”

A powerful and highly effective facial to boost cell regeneration which gives an instantly smooth, softly glowing complexion. 

Simply lie back and relax, experience the unique deep cleanse of steam and The Claransonic brush to kick start this innovative facial.  An intensive enzyme peel utilising botanical extracts and pumpkin enzymes coupled with deep facial massage techniques ensures complete relaxation.  The famous ESPA scalp massage with the pink Hair and Scalp Mud is an important element of the therapy. To complete the new regime a new lifting and smoothing mask containing concentrated seaweed extracts, Argan oil and menthol is applied to give a more plumped and firmer appearance. 

Results are immediate! “94% of clients noticed an increase in skin firmness and skin tone evennesss” 97%  said that their skin looked fresher, healthier and younger and an amazing 100% of clients researched noticed an improvement in skin radiance!  What a recommendation!

This treatment lasts 90 minutes and is priced at £90

LaStone Ear Candling –                                                

LaStone continues to be our most popular deluxe holistic treatment choice at Holbeck Ghyll so to keep you hooked! You can now experience LaStone Ear Candling.  Based on the fundamental principles of all LaStone treatments the warm basalt and cooled marble are used within this ancient treatment; here they are used to clear the physical congestion within the estuation tubes,  release pressure of an energetic nature which is said effect the annoying ringing in the ears know as tinnitus, general ear congestion.  This treatment is great to have before a long haul flight or before the hay fever season, easing rhinitis, or just for a deep sense of relaxation and a clear mind.

The treatment review

You will be treated to a warm face neck and shoulder massage to lull you into that truly medative state that only LaStone can create, before being gently turned on your side and cocooned within warm basalt stones and blankets. Your therapist will skilfully insert the ear candle into the ear canal which is then lite and burnt down to the crucial safety line.  The treatment is performed in silence, to allow the maximum benefits’ to be gained, against the subtle music  and burning oils to create a sense of peace, calm and tranquillity, know to the spa at Holbeck Ghyll nestled within the fells over looking Windermere. The vacuum created as the smoke travels down the candle lining which creates a vibration on the ear drum and the magic begins! (So they say!)  This is carried out on both ears and then you are gently returned to lie on your back while cool marble and crystal wands are massaged around your face and neck, to subtly bring you back to earth!  This also helps to drain away congestion released from the warm basalt and candling experience. 

All this for only £50 taken over a 50 minute treatment time.