Michelin star food

In 1900 the Michelin brothers, tyre magnates and quality fanatics, published the first ‘Michelin Red Guide’, canvassing the heights of fine dining throughout France; a farsighted move with regard to the ensuing success of the automobile industry. Over the last century their dynasty has developed into the global authority on culinary finesse, with the Michelin star system acting as a gastronomical bastion for precision and creativity. It is perhaps then with some surprise, and a hint of irony, that the windblown fell-adventurer encounters the Holbeck Ghyll’s delightful Michelin starred restaurant, an experience so inherently intertwined with the wild walks of the surrounding area.

Such a prestigious award might invite expectations of aloofness, with perfection being attained at any cost. This however could not be further from the truth at the Holbeck Ghyll where the last thirteen years of twinkling accreditation could not have been attained without a totally committed team of magicians making it all happen. The renowned head chef David McLaughlin and the prodigal chief sommelier Stefan Lydka work shoulder to shoulder with a dedicated team of creative alchemists, and it is both their team spirit and nourishing of individuality that enables them together to strive ceaselessly to push the boundaries of haute cuisine.

When all is said and done dining at the Holbeck Ghyll is an experience that has to be lived to be fully understood, it is perfection in its context. If you’re still undecided perhaps Stefan’s ‘fantastic finds’, his 300-variety-strong wine cellar, which has just earned the Holbeck its place amongst the winners of 'The Good Food Guide Wine Awards 2013', will be the final incentive that lures you to this wild Lake District retreat. And if such variety at your disposal is too bewitching to resist, you can always roll upstairs after supper into one of our luxurious bespoke bedrooms, and sink merrily into an inviting armchair in front of a roaring fire, before waking up and doing it all over again!