Information for pilots

Use of our private helicopter landing pad is free for hotel guests. Of course, if you are in the area for other purposes and do not require the services of the hotel then please do call to discuss your needs.

  • Latitude e.g. 54º 24' 40.90"N
  • Longitude e.g. 2º 56' 17.06"W
  • Elevation 115.09 m

VHF radio
On site at Holbeck Ghyll we have VHF radio on 24hrs a day, set to UK SAFETYCOM frequency 135.475. It may be used within distances of 10 nautical miles and below 2,000 feet from our landing site and affords visitors the option to transmit information regarding their pilot's intentions or to request landing without necessitating the use of mobile phones or other third party communication.

Fill out a request to land form below or call us using 01539 432 375.  Click here to see our live lake view web cam

Please try to avoid flying over the neighbouring properties to the south of the hotel and use a north westerly route wherever possible when approaching and leaving the hotel (where safe to do so).  If due to weather conditions a southern route is required, please try to maintain a 500ft clearance over the properties immediately south  of the hotel site and adopt a high approach, this is for the benefit  of our neighbours and your adopting of this advice is appreciated.